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Trials and errors are inevitable for every startup to mature and grow. We have been there before and have had our fair share of failure too. That is why we know the importance of providing support when it is needed the most. You are in charge of your idea, we take care of everything else needed to turn it into a viable business – whether it is IT resources, know-how or a professional team.

“CodeCluster strives to prove that an entrepreneurial career model is achievable.”
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Asset digitalisation - as an international blockchain and smart contract consulting company, Solidity Services focuses on building stable decentralized solutions.
Automated Blockchain solution - combining a user-friendly interface with a smart contract framework, Solidity Token Factory is a quick, cost-effective and transparent tool to speed up tokenisation of assets globally.
Decentralised portfolio management solution - Galaxis Network is built on a decentralised Ethereum application platform where transactions are managed merely by smart contracts.
Smart City
The Smart City Cluster umbrella organisation was brought to life to ignite a sector-wide cooperation between broad ranges of stakeholders and integrate state-of-the-art smart city solutions so we can build liveable high-tech cities for your community.
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