With our wide range of services and innovative solutions we help businesses thrive in Web3. We focus on your company’s needs and goals so your business can succeed in a decentralized world.

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“Professionalism, intelligent business solutions and value creation – that is at the heart of everything we do.”
Metaverse development

While others are still trying to find a definition to the word ‘metaverse’, we are ready to create yours. Finding real purpose and tangible benefits, discussing concepts, providing the right technology, integrating and development: all customized to your business needs and based on our extensive professional experience in web3.

Blockchain development

We provide a comprehensive range of smart contract and blockchain development services. From wallet development to complete marketplaces, we have the capabilities and expertise you need.

NFT Development

We have the token development expertise you need to succeed on several different chains. We're especially skilled in Ethereum-based tokens, and we know how to migrate tokens and NFTs between Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains.

Web3 consultancy

Are you looking for reliable advice on web3 technology projects? Want to know more about NFTs, metaverses or web3 itself? Whether you're planning to integrate web3 into your existing web2 world, or reap the business benefits of this cutting-edge technology, we can help. Our experts can analyze the market conditions, give you advice, create the calculations and offer the right action-plan.

CSR in the web3 consultancy

Your business can create more value than profit. We are here to tell you how to build a sustainable business, to be socially responsible and make a real impact with your web3 project.

Game development

We are here to create immersive experiences using the newest technologies, either for the sake of gaming or as part of a branding or social responsibility campaign; depending on your company’s needs and goals.

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