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While others are still trying to find a definition to the word ‘metaverse’, we are ready to create yours.

We have the expertise to create a fitting solution for every business need.
Product Suite
  • Immersive and interactive learning
  • Custom learning experiences with virtual classrooms, digital whiteboards and 3D environment
Eduverse is a virtual space where educators and students can meet. We are providing a 3D environment with multiple rooms where people can engage in written or audiovisual conversation, watch livestream- or recorded sessions, share ideas and content with each other. Exclusive or public panel discussions can be held where even the audience can ask questions. Different rooms in the eduverse can have different entry criteria like holding a specific NFT or being the member in a DAO. There is a wide range of possibilities to bring out the best from education in the metaverse.
  • Digital asset tracking to fight counterfeit products and control secondary markets
  • Exclusive clothes, accessories and fashion shows only in the metaverse
We are here to organize virtual fashion shows, virtual runways and 3D representation of your brand. Helping you to launch your exclusive new clothes, accessories and all items in the metaverse. Web3 can even solve two problems of the fashion industry immediately: counterfeit products and share of resale. Thanks to digital asset tracking, we can ensure authenticity and provenance.The ‘fashionverse’ will be exactly what and how you want it to be: customized to your brand’s values and business needs, so we can deliver your brand’s messages to your audience - thanks to the metaverse - at every part of the world.
  • Music events for several million people at the same time
  • Concerts at real-world or non-existent spaces
  • Interaction between musicians and the audience
Would you like to have a concert platform in the metaverse, like Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber had in Fortnite or Wave? We bring it to you! Let’s have music events where several million people can attend at the same time from different parts of the world. Concerts can be held in non-existent spaces - or the digital representation of unique real-world spaces where concerts usually cannot be held: monuments or extreme buildings. Compared to the real-world concerts direct interaction can happen between the musicians and each member of the audience. It is not an online event, it is a worldwide virtual concert for millions of people to experience the magic of music at the same time.
  • Create and manage events in the metaverse
  • Virtual environments for small gatherings and large conferences
  • Integrate with existing social or working platforms
Education? Entertainment? Business conference? Family or friends gathering? We can create an event in the metaverse tailor-made for your needs. Virtual booths and exhibition areas, multiple stages, networking lounges and audio/visual interactions are a few of what we are offering. Each member of the events can have different passes represented by NFTs and gated areas, based on your preferences. You can even integrate your virtual events with existing platforms where you usually chat with friends or collaborate on work with colleagues.
Digital asset tracking
  • Blockchain-based solution to track and manage digital assets
  • Ensure authenticity and provenance of digital assets
  • Create a tamper-proof record of ownership
Web3 can solve two problems of the fashion industry immediately: counterfeit products and share of resale. As high-level brands do not get any share of any item sold on the second hand market, they neither can effectively fight against counterfeit products being sold as originals. By creating a digital twin for every item, the owner of the physical item can prove its authenticity by owning the digital NFT asset as well. Whenever there’s a resale, smart contracts check the authenticity and make sure that the manufacturer gets their share. With a companion mobile app the entire experience can be branded to the fashion company, keeping the user engaged, offering loyalty points and so much more.
Smart City
  • Smart city applications and digital twins
  • From Unity to Unreal Engine: realistic and interactive 3D environments
  • Integrate with existing city infrastructure and applications
We are bringing the real world into the metaverse. Creating 3D representation of buildings, blocks or even cities. We are using data from the installed IoT systems, near-real-time information can be displayed, simulations can be created, constructions or renovations planned, decisions made over traffic or air pollution. By creating smart city applications and digital twins we are creating livable, smarter, more sustainable cities in the real world. Deliberate decisions can be made by integrating existing city infrastructure and applications into the metaverse, and it can also make a huge difference in people’s life who wish to live in a smarter, brighter environment.
Customized NFT minting
  • Mint your NFTs for use in the metaverse or as standalone digital assets
  • Create custom NFTs for use in games, applications, or as collectibles
  • Integrate NFTs with existing applications and platforms
We are providing a one-click platform for artists to mint their own NFTs. A painter can create NFT representations of their art, then distribute them. A musician can sell their tunes as NFTs. A sports channel or club can sell the favorite sport moment to fans so they can literally own that moment. All this with one click.
CSR in the metaverse
  • Creating value with the help of a metaverse
  • Launching virtual social responsibility campaigns
  • Building sustainable social responsibility
We have experience in building a bridge between real world problems and metaverse solutions. Whether you are an NGO or a for-profit business in the metaverse there are possibilities to raise awareness through virtual social responsibility campaigns and make real change in the real world. To do it in a sustainable way is important, so you will always be able to keep supporting local or international issues. We like to add gamification features to these initiatives so all users of the metaverse would find it even more appealing and will gladly support your aims.
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